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ACCOR cosmetic corrector, StamfordACCOR COSMETIC CORRECTORACCOR cosmetic corrector, Stamford


Plasma Technology - The new alternative to surgery.


A treatment with the ACCOR Cosmetic Corrector is the gentle alternative to skin tightening surgery. The combination of plasma and NF+ technology makes the plasma pen unique, worldwide.


Without touching the skin, the pen creates an ionised plasma arc onto the skin surface. The plasma arc instantly vaporises a point of skin at the required position, thereby tightening the immediate surrounding area.


accor cosmetic correction


This is an especially gentle and low pain procedure which achieves incredible, permanent results, immediately. Additionally, due to continued tightening after the treatment further results are gained over 12 weeks.


A major advantage is the rapid healing, made possible through the NF+ technology and through adherence to the aftercare hygiene requirements swelling and redness can be kept to a minimum.


accor cosmetic correction


Application areas

Skin tightening: Upper and lower eyelids, Soft Facelift, throat and tummy lift

Reduction of wrinkles: Crows feet, perioral and nasolabial lines, forehead and worry lines

Reduction of pigmentation: Age/sun spots, liver spots


ACCOR cosmetic correctorACCOR cosmetic corrector


ACCOR cosmetic correctorACCOR cosmetic corrector


Consultation and patch test (redeemable against treatment)


Upper eyelid (excess wrinkled skin) - Initial treatment


Touch up


Upper eyelid (fat cells)

as above,
but 2-3 treatments required

Upper eyelid (heavy hooded lid - younger clients)


Lower eyelid


Crows feet


Lower eyelid and crows feet together


Frown lines


Glabella (between brows)


or add in with another area for £50



from £10 per spot
ask for quotation


At Renaissance if you enquire about this procedure we will make you an appointment for a consultation and patch test and at the same time email you a list of contraindications, pre treatment instructions and aftercare.


On the day of your patch test we will discuss with you fully what you would like to have done and take photographs. You will then have a patch test which involves five little dots of the plasma arc in the area to be treated. After two weeks you are then able to have the procedure.


On the day of the procedure you will arrive an hour before to have a numbing cream applied to the area for comfort. After the treatment you are then given a homecare product. There is downtime with this procedure of around a week, after which time you will come back to the salon for re photographing of results and more homeware that will assist the healing and protect the skin in the next 12 weeks until full results have been achieved.